Please let us know if you have gel on your nails at  the time of booking your appointment.  It takes an extra 15 minutes for the removal of polish and will include an added charge.

Wild Pacific Manicure

Includes a nourishing mask to improve skin hydration.
75 minute $70


60 minute $55

Sports Manicure

No polish.
45 minute $45

Wild Pacific Pedicure

Includes a nourishing mask to improve skin hydration
75 minute $90


60 minute $75

French Polish Add On

10 minute $10

Gel Polish Manicure

Lasts at last 2 weeks without chipping or lifting.
60 minute $65

Gel Polish Removal and Clean Up

We safely remove the gel, nourish the nail bed, and trim the surrounding cuticles.
30 minute $35

Gel Polish Add On to Mani or Pedi Service

An upgrade from regular polish; gel lasts much longer, but must be soaked off to avoid damage to the nail bed.
15 minute $20

Gel Polish Removal Fee

15 minute $15