Located in Maquinna Provincial Park on the north end of Clayoquot Sound, Hot Springs Cove boasts natural hot springs that rejuvenates your soul. The boiling spring water bubbles up from the earth and cascades down a cliff into natural layered rock pools cooled by the Pacific Ocean surf. The high tide surf surges into the lower pools creating a blend of hot and cool water. Soak in the rocky pools surrounded by mountains and rainforest, and experience the hot natural shower under the waterfalls. Take a tour from Tofino and hike the boardwalk trail from the dock to the springs. Hot Springs Cove is a refreshing stop for kayakers paddling through the Flores and Vargas Islands. Hike the 2-mile wilderness trail to Tsamata Beach and explore the pristine shoreline and forest of towering cedars, firs, and spruce draped with Spanish moss.