The power of touch therapy has many measurable benefits for the mind, body and energy system. All of our treatments combine both ancient and western techniques to enhance relaxation, provide pain relief and re-generate the body’s natural flow.

The Essential Massage

Offering light, medium or firm pressure, this massage is uniquely made for you.

60-minute $130 | 75-minutes $155 | 90-minute $180  Couples: 60-minute $280 | 75-minute $330 | 90-minute $380

Black Rock Signature Massage

This firm pressure massage and the warmth of Black Basalt Stones used in targeted areas, allow the body to release even the tightest muscles.

60-minute $135 | 75-minute $160 | 90-minute $185  Couples: 60-minute $290 | 75-minute $340| 90-minute $390

Hot Stone Massage

Hot basalt stones penetrate your muscles to soothe aches and relieve stress.

90-minutes $185 | Couples: $390

Prenatal Massage

Prenatal Massage 60-minutes $130

We do not perform massage during the first trimester.