The power of touch therapy has many measurable benefits for the mind, body and energy system. All of our treatments combine both ancient and western techniques to enhance relaxation, provide pain relief and re-generate the body’s natural flow.  We offer single or couples treatments; side by side massages with an ocean view by availability only.  Please specify if you would prefer separate rooms upon booking.

The Essential Massage

Offering light, medium or firm pressure, this massage is uniquely made for you.
60 minute $135 | 75 minute $160 | 90 minute $185

The Couples Essential Massage

60 minute $290 | 75 minute $340 | 90 minute $390

Black Rock Signature Massage

A combination of firm pressure and warming massage.  The use of heated basalt stones in targeted areas allows for detoxification and soothing relief for the tightest muscles.
60 minute $145 | 75 minute $170 | 90 minute $195

Couples Black Rock Signature Massage

60 minute $310 | 75 minute $360 | 90 minute $410

Hot Stone Massage

A warming and stimulating full body treatment; using the placement of heated basalt stones along energy meridians and massage movements towards the heart, to encourage detoxification and improve circulation.
90 minute $200

Couples Hot Stone Massage

90 minute $420

Prenatal Massage

A customized massage for expecting mothers, meant to promote relaxation and ease muscle tension.  We do not perform massage during the first trimester.
60 minute $135


The Massage Practitioners at Drift Spa are not Registered Massage Therapists and these services are not redeemable under most health care plans.