Meet Erin Hamilton

Founder/Owner of Mindflow Healing & Integrative Wellness

Erin’s health and wellness background includes a B.A. in Psychology, 425hr Blissology Yoga Instructor, IIN Health Awakening Coach and Lomi Lomi Practitioner/Healer.  Erin is a retreat facilitator, dream seeker, emapath and advocate for love and life flow.
 “It’s my passion to help support and guide others through healing.  I seek making happiness, love and awareness contagious, so we can ALL live in alignment, with out deepest desires and wishes.” 


Mindflow Healing & Integrated Wellness at Drift Spa

Healthy and Vital You – 3 Hours

Are you tired of trying to FIT yourself into “some diet”. What about forcing yourself to reach your health goals versus enjoying the journey? Love the journey. Learn how to listen to you bodies needs by exploring concepts of intuitive eating/being, bio-individuality, your wood oven & the Circle of Life.  Discover how to deconstruct food cravings and hack the diet myths, plus discover the top super foods and receive recipes that are fresh but simple. Use the skills that feel fluid and aligned for you, tuning into your unique needs to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Mindfully Living and Consciously Awake – 3 Hours

Do you seek positive and healthy relationships that are respectful and genuine.  When you are triggered, do you react or respond?  Learn how to authentically approach your shadow side, (negative thoughts, limiting beliefs, fears, etc.) and by doing so let go of suffering and self-struggles, finding your flow. Feel fully ALIVE, & live with more LOVE, compassion and understanding as you learn consciousness evolution, mindfulness, & self-healing practices.


Alignment and Somatics – 3 Hours

Do you crave enhancing your yoga practice or building a practice that has been calling you? You deserve being the strongest, most balanced, and elongated YOU. Allow yourself to evolve, physically, mentally and emotionally, feeling the connection of the body with the mind as an integrated unit. Attune to your physical alignment, using the sensations in and outside of the body (somatics) to discover where imbalance, if any, may reside for you. Using passive and active engagements, intuitive movements, mindfulness, and embodiment practices you will explore and release “stuck” emotions and learn how to listen to the messages speaking from within. All tools guiding you into a practice that is extremely healing and sustainable.


Authentic Relating & Communicating -3 Hours

Feel you could express yourself more fully? How transparent are you? In this workshop you will learn sweet ninja skills to authentic relating, the six types of energies/personality types and what to do when around them. Learn HOW to approach the hard conversations we’re ALL afraid of having, say what you truly want and own it, plus how to hold space for your partner/friend without having to fix anything. Through different group activities you will learn how to express your needs, the power and energy shift of having a witness, and how to maintain your empowered state during emotional situations. Take a moment to connect, lean into an uncomfortable but healing edge, and up-level you’re conscious state. **May only be held in pairs or groups**


Lucid Dreaming and Healing Awareness – 3 Hours 

Have you been waking up feeling tired, having nightmares or can’t remember anything but know you were dreaming? Or do you find yourself living another life while you are sleeping? On average we spend 30 years of our lives asleep! Wouldn’t it be amazing to have control of your dream state so that you can spend those 30 years the way you wish!  Learn the different stages of lucid dreaming and how to move from one stage to the next.  Learn techniques of dream recall, dream mapping and reality checking. The power of evening rituals, intention setting, & the ‘wake back to bed’ technique. Put dreams into creation, learn dream looping, dream guidance and dream sex.  Guided visualization and meditation included.


Fluid & Magnetic Living – 3 Hours

Would you like to embrace and share your story, no longer judging it or feeling you have to hide behind it?  We all have a calling and a purpose on this earth, what is yours? Do you want to look at what makes you the most uncomfortable, let it go, and actually use it to thrive? Learn how money, sex, power, relationships and creativity are connected to your magical magnetism.  Explore how these natural and inherent qualities, how your story can actually help your business, calling and life’s purpose.  Let’s activate quantum leaps in your life, love and business so you can radiate magnetism, release energy and activate radical truth.  We will go deep into self-reflection and use magnetic somatic practices to discover what is holding you back. Let’s release the old, embrace the new and become the most abundant, resilient you!


All Health & Wellness classes are enjoyed in the Private Suite and available by request only.  Call Drift Spa for rates and availability.