Lighthouse Loop
This 2.41 km section of the Wild Pacific Trail can be walked in a 30-45 minute loop. Hikers journey through a mossy rainforest to a scenic trail along the edge of the coastline past dramatic views of Barkley Sound, Amphitrite Lighthouse and the exposed coast. Viewpoints and benches are perfect for watching whales, birds or catching sunsets. The He-Tin-Kis Park trail also has stunning views with a short trail on a boardwalk path with stairs to rocky beaches.

Big Beach Section
Starting at the popular Big Beach recreational area, this very scenic 3-mile path winds along the coast and through the rainforest down to a several pebble beaches. Turn right up the stairs to the boardwalk overlook, cross the bridge over Marine Drive past Black Rock Resort to the beautiful coastline trail.

Brown’s Beach Section
Starting at the new parking lot just past Black Rock Resort on Marine Drive, hikers follow a short section of a forested trail to the 5.5 – 8.4 km wilderness coastal trail. Take a scenic path right along the coastline for stunning ocean views, or walk a loop via the forested access trails to Forbes Road sports field or exit at the Pacific Rim Highway. Turn right to walk the bike path back to town.

Ancient Cedars and Rocky Bluffs Section
This section showcases old growth Sitka spruce, western hemlock and giant red cedars, with some of the oldest trees on the Ucluelet peninsula. The trail head is accessed from the Pacific Rim Highway, just a short 10 minute walk out of town from Forbes Road.

Trail maps are available from the Black Rock Concierge or Reception Desk.  Maps can also be found at trail heads and on the website.